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With the rapid development of the society and the advancement of people’s life, ice making machines are being used in numerous fields. Thus some specific requirements for them such as high-performance and low failure rate have been put forward.

Focusun keeps concentrating on the market demand and constantly improves its products and service. Focusun large capacity water-cooling ice making plant has been widely used in fields like industrial ice storage, artificial skiing ground, medical industry and so on.

Compared with other kinds of ice machines, Focusun large capacity ice making maker has many advantages as followed.
  1. Low initial investment, low energy losses and low operating costs;
  2. The ability of keeping a low temperature is strong and the flake ice maker is safe and efficient.
  3. Full automatic control, well-designed model, low failure rate and maintenance costs;
  4. Environmental friendly design to reduce energy losses and greenhouse gas emissions;
  5. Good after-sales service and strong technical support.
Model Capacity Refrigerant Total running power Operating weight Dimension
-- kg/24h -- kw kg L×W×H(mm)
FIF-250W 25000 R404A 78.85 Unit: 2500 2500×2000×2000
Evaporator: 3000 2050×1660×2450
FIF-300W 30000 R404A 102.45 Unit: 2800 2800×2200×2200
Evaporator: 4500 2400×2000×3000
FIF-350W 35000 R404A 115.35 Unit: 2800 2800×2200×2200
Evaporator: 4600 2400×2000×3200
FIF-400W 40000 R404A 147.35 Unit: 3000 2800×2200×2200
Evaporator: 5500 2800×2400×3600
FIF-500W 50000 R404A 176.30 Unit: 3200 2800×2200×2200
Evaporator: 6500 3000×2500×4500
FIF-600W 60000 R404A 214.90 Unit: 4500 3400×2200×2200
Evaporator: 6500 3000×2500×4500
Focusun large capacity industrial flake ice machine