Focusun is the refrigeration equipment manufacturer leading the peer industry. The major products we mainly produce include flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, plate ice machine, cube ice machine, water cooling equipment, concrete cooling system, dynamic ice storage system, and all kinds of low temperature ice storage room.

Having experienced years of diligent and unremitting efforts, our innovative products have gradually become the industrial standards chased by our counterparts. Meanwhile, it is the numerous patents and breakthrough innovations that lay a solid foundation for the authoritative position on Focusun’s professional ice-making technology.

The Asia-Pacific headquarter of Focusun is located in Shanghai, China, and the production and R&D center are built in Taizhou, Jangsu province, covering an area of 33,600 square meters. As the world renowned refrigeration machinery corporation, Focusun exports its ice making plants worldwide.

Close attention has been paid to market demand. Based on the starting point for customers’ interests, we continuously improve the quality of our products and service. With our assistance, you are sure to be one step ahead in the competition with your opponents.

In focusun, our people have been committed to the improvement of human refrigeration, and remained the never-changing spirit of technological innovation. Depending on the excellent product quality, superior technical support as well as high-quality service, Focusun has already become a professional supplier of refrigeration equipment with the respects and trusts from global customers.

Focusun, the master of refrigeration in the world.