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Compared with other kinds of ice, flake ice has a number of advantages such as large contact area with refrigerated materials and little damage on the outer surface of the materials. As a result, flake ice making plant has been widely used for cooling and keeping freshness in many fields.

According to the different needs of our customers, Focusun medium capacity flake ice machinary can be equipped with either air-cooling or water-cooling condenser.

Focusun always puts the customer’s needs in the first place and the process of installation of the ice machinery is quite easy. All devices except for the cooling tower are installed in a steel frame. The installation is quite simple. Users just need to provide water and power supply, and connect cooling water pipes between the cooling water pump, water-cooling condenser and cooling tower to run the flake ice maker. The cooling method of ice flake maker can be adjusted according to customer demands, for example the water-cooling condenser can be adjusted to air-cooling or evaporative cooling condenser.

Model Capacity Refrigerant Total running power Operating weight Dimension
-- kg/24h -- kw kg L×W×H(mm)
FIF-50W 5000 R404A 17.72 1120 2200×1050×1550
FIF-80W 8000 R404A 25.55 1800 3400×1550×1800
FIF-100W 10000 R404A 34.31 2200 3550×1550×2000
FIF-120W 12000 R404A 38.80 3000 3720×1650×2050
FIF-150W 15000 R404A 49.35 3200 4500×1750×2280
FIF-200W 20000 R404A 68.40 3600 4500×2000×2500
Focusun medium capacity industrial flake ice machine