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Focusun land used seawater flake ice machine is mainly suitable for coastal areas, and it directly uses seawater to produce ice whose salt content is much higher than that of the ice made by the fresh water flake ice making machine. Due to the particularity of inlet water, the pipe of land used seawater ice flake making plant usually adopts special anti-corrosion materials. Focusun mainly manufacture the flake ice maker with daily capacity larger than five tons. And a number of different daily capacity models are available.

Designed in accordance with the certification standards of shipping, equipped with Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressors with deepened oil tank and marine used seawater condenser, Focusun land used seawater flake ice machinery wins excellent reputation among customers all around the world.

Model Capacity Refrigerant Total running power Operating weight Dimension
-- kg/24h -- kw kg L×W×H(mm)
FIF-50WB 5000 R404A 21.80 1120 2200×1050×1550
FIF-60WB 6000 R404A 22.00 1600 2150×1350×1580
FIF-80WB 8000 R404A 26.00 1800 2450×1650×1600
FIF-100WB 10000 R404A 34.30 3000 3550×1550×2100
FIF-150WB 15000 R404A 49.35 3400 4000×1850×2400
FIF-200WB 20000 R404A 68.40 3600 4200×2000×2914
Focusun land uesd flake ice machine