Item Unit Parameter
Power supply Voltage/Phase/Frequency 380V/3P/50Hz
Refrigerant R404A
Capacity kg/24h 50000
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Temperature Ambient Temperature 35
Water Temperature 20
Compressor Manufacturer Bitzer/Carrier
Refrigeration Power kw 286
Operating Power kw 156.4
Compressor COP/EER kw/kw 1.83
Horse Power hp 125×2types
Operating power Total running power kw 176.3
Installation Power kw 220
Power of Reducer kw 3.7
Power of Cold Water Pump kw 1.5
Cooling Water Pump kw 11
Fan of Cooling Tower kw 3.7
Dimension Size of Ice Maker L×W×H(mm) Unit: 2800×2200×2200
Evaporator: 3000×2500×4200
Size of Cooling Tower L×W×H(mm) ¢3770×3490
Size of Cooling Water Pipes 1"
Size of Feeding Pipe 5"
Size of Water Feeding Pipes of Cooling Tower 1"
Size of Ice Outlet mm ¢1795
Weight Operating Weight of Flake Ice Maker kg Unit: 3200
Operating Weight of Cooling Tower kg Evaporator: 6500
Water Supply Pressure Requirement bar 1~6
Focusun large capacity industrial flake ice machine