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Focusun small capacity air-cooling flake ice maker has been widely used in small scale seafood freshness prevention in supermarket, food processing industry, chemical industry, meat processing and aquaculture processing industry.


Power Configuration: Standard power is 380V/3P/ 50Hz. The electrical system can be adjusted according to actual situation and should be confirmed when ordering.

Unit Configuration: Copeland ful-hermetic piston compressor and air-cooling condenser;
Once provided water and power in scene, the flake ice maker can be put into operation immediately.

Refrigerant Configuration: New type of environmental friendly refrigerant R404A;

Ice Storage Configuration: Each ice flake maker is equipped with stainless steel ice storage with certain capacity.
Model Capacity Refrigerant Total running power Operating weight Dimension
-- kg/24h -- kw kg L×W×H(mm)
FIF-05A 500 R404A 2.56 208 1200×740×590
FIF-08A 800 R404A 4.43 235 1200×740×650
FIF-10A 1000 R404A 5.16 380 1200×740×780
FIF-12A 1200 R404A 6.63 420 1400×960×780
FIF-15A 1500 R404A 7.72 430 1500×1000×920
FIF-20A 2000 R404A 11.17 480 1560×1200×960
FIF-25A 2500 R404A 12.62 550 1560×1200×1150
FIF-30A 3000 R404A 14.35 950 1700×900×1200
Focusun small capacity commercial flake ice machine