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Turnkey Solution

As the most professional ice making machinery manufacturer in China, Focusun can systematically provide customers with a series of comprehensive ice-making solutions. Once you have the idea of building an ice-making project, if necessary, our experienced engineers will provide you with professional projects proposals.

Ice Compactor

Under normal circumstances, the flake ice produced by Focusun flake ice making plants can be processed through ice compactor. Placed in the ice tank, the flake ice can be pressed into block ice, weighing 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg or 25kg per block. The advantage of ice compactor is that it can meet the various needs of customers. The block ice can be made quickly through the ice compactor. And all you need to do is to put the flake ice into it.

For the customers who already have one or several types of flake ice making machines and also have the demand of block ice, owning an ice compactor means there is no need of buying another block ice machine, largely reducing the initial investment.

Do you want to select a suitable Focusun ice compactor? Please get in touch with our colleagues in the technical department: kiki.feng@focusun.com, and you can also visit our official website www.focusun.com to obtain more detailed product information.