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As the most professional ice makers supplier in China, Focusun can systematically provide customers with a series of comprehensive ice-making solutions. Once you have the idea of building an ice-making project, if necessary, our experienced engineers will provide you with professional projects proposals.

Ice Storage Room

Under normal circumstances, Focusun small capacity ice machine (the daily output is 2.5T or less) will be equipped with a standard ice storage room. However, due to the limitation of space where customers operate their ice machines, our medium and large capacity ice machine can not provide a standard ice storage room. But special ice storage rooms can be designed according to the demand of the clients.

After the formal operation of the ice machine, we strongly recommend that you use  an ice storage if the ice produced cannot be used up at a time. There are some tricks when you are choosing an appropriate ice storage room and usually we need to consider the following aspects:

  1. The capacity of your ice storage room
    Under normal circumstances, you need to calculate your daily / hourly volume of ice to use. And preliminary calculation of the capacity of your ice storage room can be got with the daily production of your ice machine minusing your used ice, and supplemented by an appropriate margin.
  2. The material of your ice storage room
    The material of an ice storage room has two different types: galvanized sheet and stainless steel.
  3. The function of your ice storage room
    Equipped with a refrigeration system, the ice storage room can maintain the temperature at -8℃ inside it. If your ice can not be used up within a short period of time, we suggest that you choose an ice storage room with a refrigeration system.
  4. The style of your ice storage room
    In addition to the ordinary ice storage rooms, we can design and manufacture containerized ice storage rooms for easy mobility by using 20 foot and 40 foot containers.

Do you want to find a suitable ice storage room? Please get in touch with our colleagues in the technical department: kiki.feng@focusun.com, and you can also visit our website www.icestorage.com to obtain more detailed product information.

Oridinary ice storage room Containerized rake ice storage room
Oridinary ice storage room Containerized rake ice storage room