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Being a responsible corporate citizen has always been the pursuit of Focusun. We always stick to the philosophy that running a company is similar to the activity of being a citizen. A qualified corporation needs to bear its social responsibility in the process of coordinating and cooperating with others, achieving the win-win beneficial result among environment, society, related institutions and certain groups.

Focusun believes that corporate social responsibility not only means costs, constraint, or just non-profit philanthropic activities, but also refers to a potential opportunity to realize innovation and improve competitive advantages. Focusun always believes in the idea that efforts must be made in the coordination and integration between core business service and management, and explores effective balance among environment, social responsibility and economic benefits, creating a comprehensive benefits for all different parties.

Social responsibility is an important component for corporate strategy. In the process of years of development, Focusun has attached great attentions to the environment and the society we lived in, and deeply understood the meaning of social responsibility. Focusun actively and positively regards company as the main body to bear social responsibility, and integrate the conception of social responsibility with our business.

Focusun China emphasizes that human values should be concerned in the process of production. We strongly believe that only consistently assume the social responsibility can we establish a long-term corporate culture.

Corporate social responsibility should not be the duty of a particular person or department, but the common aspiration of all employees and departments. For the purpose of motivating consensus through conception, Focus has planned to launch a series of training programs designated for corporate managers and popularized the ideas of social responsibility through internal media in our corporation.

Focusun always adheres to the ideas of “care and assistance”, which gives a strong impetus for company’s future development, and realizes the ambition of being the global leading refrigeration company in the ice-making industry.